Alice Cooper Rat

In the summer of 2016, my ultra supportive mother announced that she had meet and greet tickets to see Alice Cooper in the fall...and she wanted me to make a taxidermy piece as a gift for her to bring to him. I created this alice cooper rat, complete with hatchling ball python companion, and my mom proudly presented it to Alice at her meet and greet.

I later received this update from Alice's tour photographer, @cerealkyler via Instagram, "This (piece) is in the bus and will be going on his trophy shelf next to his Hall of Fame statue!" The experience and resulting photos were a highlight of 2016 for me!



Neil Patrick Harris & His Bunny

In the early fall of 2014, I was contacted by David Burtka who wanted to commission a piece for his husband, Neil Patrick Harris, for Christmas. The piece was to be a magician's white rabbit emerging from a magician's top hat, wearing a bow tie, top hat, and holding a wand.

Despite a tight time frame, I managed to pull out a piece they loved with minimal alterations to their original design idea...I ended up scrapping the rabbit's top hat as his ears just weren't compatible with it. I received this fabulous photo of my happy customer after he opened his Christmas gift. I'm told it now resides in his magic themed office in their NYC home.

After the rabbit was so well received, David and Neil came back to me with another magic themed idea for a taxidermy piece. This time it was a magician mouse sawing his lovely assistant in half. I decided the piece should be interactive, with the option of opening the boxes that hold the "assistant" to see how the trick is done (with 2 assistants!) the finished piece turned out great and lives on a display shelf in their NYC home now.



Pet preservation client: Alice in Wonderland inspired rabbit

I was contacted in the Fall of 2016 by a local client who had a pet rabbit that had passed, and she wanted to have him turned into an alice in wonderland inspired white rabbit character. she had some very specific costume requests for him, which I put a lot of pattern research into recreating. happily she was very pleased with the results and posted on Instagram to share her happiness!